The physical load in the gym can cause narcotic addiction

Web portal LookInfo.org.ua reports that addicted to the exhausting physical loads in the gym not only driven by the desire to improve their physical form, but represents a real addiction. Scientists have found that such intensive exercises in the body accompanied by the elaboration of serum, which is a chemical root of positive emotions. Today, you can already say that in many cities around the world, particularly in Moscow, there is an entire category of so-called fitness addicts. Such people with passes one or two classes in the gym are beginning to experience a feeling something like brittle.

During 2007, a group of scientists from the Australian Griffith University conducted a study physiology and psychological characteristics of this type of people. The study findings indicate that drug addiction fitness often sick and confined turbulent nature, which do not like to be in the center of attention and is very painful perceive any ridicule on himself.
Such dependence can cause a variety of effects, which unites only one thing - they are negative, especially if people constantly exposing themselves too large loads on training. High physical strain, which is regularly exposed to the human body, can cause serious problems, both mentally, and physically.
The main signs of such obsession is tragic perception missed workout, several visits to the gym, evolved insomnia, the deterioration of appetite, nervous irritability, aggression and withdrawal. Besides, the whole scale of values such fitness-addict shifting towards sports.
If a person enjoys sports, it should heed the following recommendations in order to avoid the occurrence of such dependence. There is a need to change the frequency of training program are also encouraged to combine classes in the gym with recreational activities in the fresh air. It should not be dismissed out of hand and other types of fitness(Betfair?), such as, for example, dance lessons, sedatives Stretching and yoga classes. It should turn its attention to the eastern Arts, which have the ability to give positive energy. It is necessary to completely eliminate the excessive load, focusing on the conduct of intensive training no more than three - four times a week, each of which shall not exceed one and a half - two hours, and it applies only to physically trained people.