What benefits of aerobics

Aerobics is nothing but a system of exercises to help prevent coronary artery diseases.
Aerobics makes you live longer and live healthier and happier. Aerobics burns your fat.
It builds up a positive attitude in you and changes your perception of looking towards life.
Researchers consistently recommend that regular physical activity with healthy eating habits is the most efficient way to keep yourself fit and control your body weight. Aerobic activity helps you to control or reduce your weight by using excess calories that otherwise would be stored as fat. Everything you do uses the calories including sleeping, digesting food and breathing. Any physical activity to what you normally do will use extra calories. So doing regular aerobic exercise gives you a sense of positive attitude that helps to counteract stress.
Still about benefits of aerobics.
The heart works more efficient and becomes more stronger.
It helps to control your weight.
Reduces the risk in developing diabetes, obesity and any heart disease.
There is an increase in good cholesterol and decrease in bad cholesterol.
It increases endorphins.
Increases the body’s ability to take in oxygen and makes you breathe faster.
It helps to reduce and control the body fat.
Improves the body muscle strength and flexibility.
Improves the quality of sleep that freshens you early next morning.
Helps to avoid chronic diseases like heart disease and hypertension.
Aerobics increases the resistance fatigue and gives you more energy.
Improves your mood and reduces depression, stress and anxiety.
It avoids overheating.
Aerobics pumps the blood faster and more forcefully.
Helps in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Builds the muscular strength and makes your body more flexible.
Helps to reduce blood pressure.
Prevents from certain types of cancer also.


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